[toread] CSS 101: Block Formatting Contexts » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog)

Block Formatting Contexts are a primitive of layout in CSS. Learn the science behind them: http://t.co/3cpvIbmB /by @thierrykoblentz

[toread] Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater

Current status: Watching “Pulp Fiction” in chronological order http://t.co/igPkbdQV via @kottke

[toread] Five Things to Do with Unwanted Gift Cards and Groupons This Holiday Season ~ LockerGnome

Current status: “Holy smokes. Do… Do you know what this is? This is… A lamp!” http://t.co/uypVgkFl

[toread] Amazon.com: Undun / [Explicit]: The Roots: Music

Holy hell! If yer not drinking a Delirium Noel, yer doing it wrong.

[toread] Andy Budd::Blogography

[toread] KeyboardJS Demo

Keyboard JS: a library for binding to keys or key combos - http://t.co/b6noNJ2P

RT “@Malarkey: I wish there was a way to export my @gowalla checkins in an open format (before I delete my account) @jw?” Me too. :(

[toread] Cars And Motorcycles Of The Future | English Russia

MFRT @kerusdotorg: It’s all fun & games until you have to see how IE7 decides to treat your work.

[toread] LEGO.com Architecture Inspire Us

RT @wiseacre: Did you know that Adobe has a full staff of 28,000 that monitor your Photoshop and randomly crash it at their whim?

[toread] The seven deadly sins of Star Wars